Golden Tans Are Just The Beginning


The VersaSpa® system is an automated full-body treatment system that allows you to select from a combination of solutions that will bronze and smooth your skin. Its open-air design utilizes Versa Spa skin care treatment solutions and to fortify, bronze, moisturize and rejuvenate.

You will feel totally pampered in the ultra comfortable sessions. VersaSpa® was designed to immerse you with a non-claustrophobic booth design and state-of-the-art comfort technologies that ensure you enjoy the spray process and love the look of your skin afterwards. You will love the Versa technology as listed below :

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EZ-2Breathe Produces a fresh, comfortable atmosphere through a built-in air purification column that draws impure air out of the booth during spray applications. Now you can breathe easy and eliminate the need for nose or mouth filters

Comfort-Dry – Leaves you dry after your spray application by gently blowing soft and refreshing air over the treated body area. No need to towel off after your session- simply step out of the Versa Spa and get dressed!

Infrared Body Warming – Another innovation from Versa Spa! The infra red heat will warm your body during the spray session. This not only makes the spray session more comfortable, but enhances the spray tan itself!

Moisturizing Hydration Treatment – Select a moisturizing treatment! This is recommended for those with dryer skin. Helps ensure an overall even tan and extends the life of the tan.

Clear or Bronze Spray Treatment – Your choice of a Clear Tanning Spray or a Bronze Tanning Spray. Your choice is often based on your skin tone or base tan level.

Voice Automation – Walks you through your entire Spray Session! You have a voice guide though your entire spray experience.

Full Body, Legs, Upper Body or Face only Options – Only with VersaSpa can we select from full body to legs only to face only!

Rather than simple tinting, VersaSpa® creates a complete spa-like session that results in a healthy, natural look of sun-kissed skin.  An experience you will enjoy over and over again.


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