Ergoline Ultra 600 Turbo- The Ultra Bed

Tanning Beds 1

Our Ultimate Euro tanning bed. This 12 minute low UVB bronzing bed will provide you with the darkest tan in half the sessions of a typical tanning bed. You will be surrounded by turbo cooling for your facial area and your entire body – stay cool while you tan ! Other features include adjustable facial and shoulder tanners. This is our best low UVB bronzing bed for a tan that is darker and longer lasting!

Ergoline Express – The Beach Glow Bed

Tanning Beds 2

Experience this unique “deep dish” 15 minute tanning bed. One session and your friends will wonder if you took the day off and went to the beach. Super fast results for the “Beach Glow” look!  This mid level bed that provides a great tanning experience for a reasonable price.

Ergoline Premium – The Premium entry level bed

Tanning Beds 3

Our premium bed is not like other entry beds with only 22-26 lamps that turn you red and not tan. Our Premium bed offers 32 reflector lamps ensuring a fast and beautiful tan in a wider, more comfortable bed.  This entry level bed has 20 minutes tanning time at a value price.

The Leg Tanner- For those who want dark sexy legs

Leg Tanner

This specialty 12 minute leg tanner is a new way to ensure you get dark sexy legs in just a few quick sessions. Its unique design allows you to tan not only your legs, but feet and ankles as well! Sit back, listen to music or read a magazine while enjoying our all leg tanner- featured only at Tan at the Islands

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